Round ONE!

Pardon my mess…Looks like I am going to be a blogger when I grow up…Ugh! I’ll be 54 this December; the love of computers balances loosely on the outer ring of NOT and I have been told by my new business associate at the Dallas Morning News, Cadillac ZAK (25) that the best way to be heard is to bLOG…UGH! Another new associate of mine from The Oregonian, Josh (27) says the same thing…UGH… these young bloods!  My business partner, female – older than 25 has told me the same thing for the last two years! THiCK!!!

OK THEN…LET’S BLOG! We will blog about domestic product, my purchases, your purchases soon to be purchases…what is happening, what has happened, what might happen….happy, sad, humdrum, yours – mine and ours. Some philosophy, some psychology – good sites, bad ones –  so OK, LETS BLOG!
Want the Dream… Buy American! That’s my slogan, it took me three years to come up with and it just popped right into the ole gray matter @ 3am one Tuesday morning. Like it?don’t like it?  The logo went a few different directions (this took only months) until we had one built that i loved…then my graphic guy said we can’t use it because he built it from borrowed pieces of the net! Damn ….LEARNING curve! Freaking out!!! My new partner steps up and we build this… She good! We toss that to the winds and look for a response. Positive so we roll with it, registered it and made it one hell of sticker! That’s my son’s footprint at birth and my father’s flag at death. (hey what kind of car is that?)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The feather over the dot com is from my lovebird of 11 years…Now, All together …AHHHHH! yeah I know pretty good.

Speaking of logos we just built a logo for a radiator repair guy in Seaside, Oregon – very cool – let me know if we need to build you a logo, too.

(is that correct on the oo’s?)Scotts-Logo-Final3

So, I talk the domestic talk and walk the domestic walk and I can count on one hand, on just four fingers how many times I have not purchased domestically in the past two years (and we bought a lot of s – -t). Heck, we just bought a plasma television ( no need to mention the make) and WITHOUT an American option you KNOW which finger is still standing! But wait I did find an American made Sound Bar for that TV!

NOW – Sit down and Tune in-because I have a face for radio. Let’s chat about products you have used, I have used – glorify the businesses who find their way into my Business Circular and go stop the bleeding!
Let’s show a younger generation – 23 to 35 UGH!  the light. (First homework assignment) What American made flashlight do you own?

Thanks for the read – Bill Brooks – Want the Dream…Buy American!