The distraction machine!

Ah….. The all mighty distraction machine of the 21st century… The smart phone!
Not American Made and Why NOT?
My son ( 19 ) and his addiction to upgrade this telecommunication device ( like all 19 year olds ) leaves me numb via yet another 2 year (sign here please ) contract “…But this is the biggest and baddest distraction machine yet”! Just a mere 7 years and 12 machines later (do the math- that is from the age of TWELVE TO 19) his mother and I are about to be sold on the latest and greatest foreign built (this one being an HTC blah – blah – blah ) distraction machine yet!
I do not text – nor do I surf or push tiny buttons every waking – walking moment of my life!
I use this… nokia NO LAUGHING!~

After six months of proud ownership – this new – upgraded – almighty – distraction machine unfortunately went into a speaker malfunction …WAAHHH! But I will admit that AT & T and the phone MFG company was good (YEAH) and the warranty held water and another HTC blah-blah distraction machine found it’s way into the hands of my son and there were HO-RAHS once again!
Short lived on the Ho-rahs, bummer – the new distraction machine was unfortunately used as a basketball and even though is was caught on the first bounce, it was wounded – very wounded – broken speaker-cracked glass barely text-able wounded! And all that happened just 12 hrs prior to his new distraction machine safety case arrival – wounded! Damn, a black cloud has graced our home front and I feel another contract lurking for a pen once again.

6:30 last evening on the date of 11-22 Two-thousand and thirteen!
We get At&t on the horn (that’s old school talk) after 45 minutes of touch 1 for this or press two for that we get David S. ( who is now Americanized from Canada and is working for AT&T in Spokane, WA) He picked up our call and strategically asked each question slowly and precisely and 45 minutes into all of this he ended up being kind, patient and full of answers – we will call him the guy of the evening, or that guy or David!
OK then…Long story short…yup new contract – yup – new up grade – yup different phone and just prior to completing this call, it happened – 55 minutes in and my son William accidentally hangs up the phone. The look on his face was a yup…PRICELESS!!! I’m looking at him, he is shaking his head, hands in the air, tear in his eye “What the…”! I slowly get up and tell him ” ain’t technology grand ” tap him on the shoulder and leave the room. I run upstairs holding my breath because its coming. First a back of the throat snort then a HA! (years of phone payback) HA! HA! HA! HA! ( hate to but I have to) then Wahhh- HAaHAaHAaHAaHHAaHAaHAaHAHAHH! Tears in my eyes – start to stutter – laughing and leaning crying and almost peeing! I know he can hear me and as I am catching my breath and then his phone rings, yup the one with the bad speaker and a crackling voice says ” William this is David from AT&T” i hear music LA – LA – LA LAAAA!!!!! Atta boy David you called back – all is well – phone is ordered and I have a new two year contract.
Want the Dream…Buy American!
I realize that is nothing American made about phones, but HEY look at this case, it is…! ROKFORMrokform